Carmen Rodgers on her new EP Hello Human and more

Carmen Rodgers

Carmen Rodgers – I consider Hello Human a walk through many parts of the human experience. The love, the regret, the sensuality, the good decisions, the bad decisions, the search for joy and healing.

Inside the mind of maestro Marlon McCain

Marlon McCain

Marlon McClain – In grade school, like many students, I learned how to play the recorder or flutophone. I eventually graduated to the clarinet, and in the 7th grade I became fascinated with the guitar and asked my mother to get me one– she surprised me with one for Christmas.

Deborah Bond talks new music & more

Deborah Bond

Reviews & Dunn -What was the inspiration behind your recently released single “Radio?”
Deborah Bond – Producer/Saxophonist Trey Sorrells passed me the beginning ideas for the track and said he envisioned a song that was geared for listeners on the radio.

Coolin with Corey Clark

Coolin with Corey Clark

Corey Clark is a 2 time R.I.A.A. Certified Gold Recording Artist who has placed #1 twice on the Billboard Charts. Corey has been in the music industry for over two decades in numerous facets. Corey is known for his second season American Idol appearance and 2005 solo album. Mr. Clark took time out of his recording schedule to chop it up with Reviews & Dunn.

Musical Lessons with Tru-Skoo

Musical Lessons with Tru-Skoo

Music duo Tru-Skoo took some time off from recording to chop it with Reviews & Dunn.
Reviews & Dunn – How did you two meet?
Carmelo Jenkins – It was in the year 2009 that I met Diggy Fontaine (aka Jazz Digga) at a local music event that we both performed at, as solo artists in Seattle.

Author Vicki Kelly on her new book A City In The Sand

Author Vicki Kelly on her new book A City In The Sand

Reviews & Dunn: Growing up, who were some of your favorite authors?
Vicki Kelly: Steven King, Ann Rice, Dean Koontz, and Brian Lumley.
Reviews & Dunn: When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Vicki Kelly: 14 years old.
Reviews & Dunn: What was the plot of your first story?

Looking Ahead To the Future: Nutta Butta Interview Part 3

Looking Ahead To the Future: Nutta Butta Interview Part 3

Reviews & Dunn: Name five MC’S (from any time, dead or alive) you would love to do a Posse cut with? Nutta Butta: A posse cut sounds funny to me, but I get what you’re saying. Off the rip, I’m going to say Aqil, LL, Jay-Z, Method Man, and this is my mother blanking house […]

Fame and Missed Fortune: Nutta Butta Interview Part 2

Nutta Butta Interview Part 2

In our last interview, Nutta Butta spoke about his early life and how he got his start. Part 2 will reveal why he decided to take a hiatus from the industry, why he decided to try a different career path  Reviews & Dunn: In addition to being a staple in the nineties, on Teddy Riley […]

The humble beginnings of a Harlem MC: Nutta Butta Interview Part 1

Nutta Butta Interview Part 1

Harlem Born MC Nutta Butta took time out of his busy schedule for an interview with Reviews & Dunn. Here is part 1 of a three-part series. Reviews & Dunn: Growing up, who were your early musical influences? Nutta Butta: Wow! I had so many musical influences growing up from various genres; I could be […]

New Jack Swingin With Aqil Davidson of Wreck-n-Effect Part 2

Aqil Davidson

Part 2 of my interview with  Aqil Davidson Reviews & Dunn: August 25th 1992, the classic “Rump Shaker” hits the airwaves.  How was it working with a pre-fame Pharrell in the studio? Aqil Davidson: Pharrell Williams has always been very talented and creatively inspired. From the time we met him and Chad Hugo they became […]

New Jack Swingin with Aqil Davidson of Wreck-n-Effect

Aqil Davidson

Aqil Davidson took time out on working on new music to chop it up with Reviews & Dunn. This is the first of a two part interview. Reviews & Dunn: Growing up who were some of your early musical influences?  Aqil Davidson: My earliest musical influence was Run-DMC, after hearing “Sucker MC’s” on the radio. […]

Soul & Success: An Interview with Santiago Firm CEO Melinda Santiago

Melinda Santiago

Reviews & Dunn: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How did The SANTIAGO Firm come about? Melinda Santiago: It came about by me getting fired from my last Corp gig.  In all my years and experience I was never terminated or even written up on a job before.  I was terminated […]