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A chat with Michael Wilkins, author of Eff Father’s Day: A Story of Reconciliation

Author and activist Michael Wilkins dropped by Reviews & Dunn to discuss his new book Eff Father’s Day: A Story of Reconciliation.

Reviews & Dunn – What was the inspiration behind your book “Eff Father’s Day: A Story of Reconciliation”?

Michael Wilkins – I was inspired to write this book for various reasons. The most prominent reason was an aha moment I experienced in 2013. What led up to this 2013 epiphany was a two-year period of self-cleansing. I took on this therapy to help myself become a better leader in my life. To best explain this lightning idea that can be best described as a sign from God. I witnessed some traumatic behaviors and bad actions by my father and his negative interactions with my mother. My book explains in detail how the idea of the book manifested in that two-year therapy period. Other inspirations came from mainstream shows such as Jerry Springer and Paternity Court. 

Reviews & Dunn While writing the book did, you find the process to be healing for yourself and your dad?

Michael Wilkins – During the process of writing the book it was therapeutic, healing and to be honest it was hard to get through because we both had to confront the past. 

Reviews & Dunn – What do you hope readers gain from your book?

Michael Wilkins – My hope is that this book will land in the hands of people who grew up like me in a single parent home. My hope is that single parents who currently have a child or children going through what I have already been through will get this book and they will find it to be a source of direction. I hope this book lands in the hands of men who have children but are not active in their life but through my story I hope those men will make a fighting effort to become active and positive fathers. Maybe my story might not apply to some readers directly but the reader might know somebody or other people who could benefit. My father and I’s mission is to spread the message of responsible manhood, inspire others to join us and promote healthy and whole families.

Reviews & Dunn – How many drafts did you go through in your writing process?

Michael Wilkins – I lost count to be totally honest with you. I started drafting this book in 2013 and published it on Father’s Day of 2021. Imagine unpacking over 25 years of pain, hurt, the unknown and anger. I went through a lot of drafts and emotions! Lol 

Reviews & Dunn – What advice can you offer to first time readers?

Michael Wilkins  – My advice would be to be open minded and read in good faith for self-first if you grew up with a similar background. Lastly, be open to doing the work you will find in the book. 

Reviews & Dunn – The book is only eighty-eight pages, so it is a quick read. Do you intend on possibly doing a follow up book?  

Michael Wilkins  – It is possible a volume II version will be published because the “Seek The Truth” section of the book highlights single moms. That is a whole other subject that needs a microscope put on it. 

Reviews & Dunn – You grew up in the Hampton Roads area. There is a ton of musical talent in VA. In your opinion, why do you think Magoo or Mad Skillz never achieved mainstream success?

Michael Wilkins -In my opinion Mad Skillz did reach mainstream success. However, maybe not to the mass of public approval but in my opinion I believe he did and I know him personally. When it comes to Magoo, I would speculate to say his talent hindered his success. He had a great supporting cast but when it came to delivering the product to the music industry, his body of work didn’t stick. 

Reviews & Dunn – Ryan Coogler approaches you about possibly adapting your book into a short film. You have a say in the casting, so whom would you pick to portray yourself and your dad?

Michael Wilkins – My first choice to play the roles of my father and I would be Denzel Washington and his son John David Washington. I believe these two could truly capture the emotions and heartstrings of what my family went through. 

Reviews & Dunn – Are you surprised with the NBA finals this year?

Michael Wilkins – This year’s NBA finals I’m not surprised at the road its taking. I believe far too often that the narratives that are created by sports media can drive our hopes. However, nature has its way of putting things back into its natural perspective. In the end, hard work and maintaining your physical health will trump any easy routes to victory. 

Reviews & Dunn – Is there anything you would like to add and where can fans find you on social media and purchase your book?

Michael Wilkins – I would like to thank you for featuring my book on your platform. I am very humbled and appreciative of this opportunity. I can be found on IG @mikelynkspeaks, my fan page on Facebook is Mike Lynk Speaks and my website is www.MikeLynk.com. For those who would like to purchase my book they can buy it on Amazon –  https://www.amazon.com/dp/173735800X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_0D9VEFYS3NVSM8KMQKQZ 

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