If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won before you have started.

About Derrick Dunn

Since the age of three, when I can recall seeing my first movie Beverly Hills Cop in a movie theater, I’ve always loved going to the movies. On average, I try and see a minimum of at least one film in the theater per weekend currently have an ever-growing collection of DVD’S & Blu Rays, which is easily in the 5K plus range. Growing up, I had an immense love of cinema, which my mother always seemed to encourage as opposed to sports. Initially, my dream was to be a filmmaker, and while I always enjoyed writing as a hobby, I didn’t get serious about writing until my senior year of high school when I moved to El Paso, Texas. The closest thing my high school had to a film program was a journalism program, and from there, I became the entertainment reporter.

I initially began to purse Broadcast Journalism as a career, but fate had other plans for me, and I ended up the Air Force. During my time in the Air Force, I was one of the most well-known DJs at my duty station, primarily due to my slow jam mix CDs as well as my love for old school music. While in the UK, I spent my free time writing entertainment reviews on Amazon and IMDB but never thought about taking it seriously.

As social media became more popular throughout the years, I would also share my thoughts on a movie, concert, or album, and numerous friends would tell me that I should pursue it at least as a hobby. In the summer of 2017, I finally took everyone’s advice and began to write for an online magazine. While writing for the online magazine, I covered numerous events in the DMV and wrote numerous movie reviews. However, in the summer of 2019, the writing was no longer fun, so I decided to take a break. At the urging of my wife and son, I decided to start writing again. As a member of the Washington DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA), I look forward to sharing my views of cinema.

When I’m not reviewing something in the world of entertainment, I like to spend my free time with my family.

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