Bradd Marquis talks his new album and more
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Bradd Marquis talks his new album and more

Reviews & DunnGrowing up was there a particular performance you can recall seeing that made you want to pursue a career in music? 

Bradd Marquis – It was the performance of Eddie King Jr. in The Five Heartbeats movie. The way he burst onto stage during that initial talent show scene, sliding in grabbing the mic and silencing the crowd with his powerful David Ruffin vocals was everything to me. I always wanted to have that moment! When I was in college, I performed in a talent show and at the end of my performance over 500 of my peers were screaming so loud it was deafening. At that moment, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in music.

Reviews & DunnWhat was the first R&B album you can recall purchasing with your own money? 

Bradd Marquis – Sheesh, I believe Michael Jackson’s Bad album was the first R&B album I purchased with my own money. If that does not qualify it was probably Troop’s Attitude.

Reviews & DunnWho was the first mainstream performer you opened for during the promo run for Finding My Way

Bradd Marquis – Wowsers, that is a good question, I have no clue!  Tamia is the first mainstream artist I can recall, but I know she was not the first. So much happened during that run, it was a complete whirlwind of a time. You did not ask but I will tell you anyway, the first artist I ever opened for was Tank at a music festival in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Reviews & DunnI loved your cover of “I Never Wanna Live Without You” on Men Love Mary: A Tribute to My Life. How did that come about? 

Bradd Marquis – Soulbounce gave me a call and asked if I would be, a part of this amazing assemble of male artists paying homage to the Legend Mary J. Blige.  To this day, I am extremely honored to have been a part of that project.  The album was dope, but the concert at SOB’s in New York was monumental!

Reviews & DunnWhat was the inspiration behind your new project Love

Bradd Marquis – Love, was born out of love! It began as a series of singles dedicated to my now wife (Who Let You Go and Always), a plea for love to combat the contentious and upsetting conditions of the world (No War), and then a tribute to my grandparents with The Thrill is Gone. During the promotion process for Always and Thrill Is Gone we decided to package a few unreleased songs that serendipitously fit the theme of the project, “Love” was born.

Reviews & DunnVersuz has been the rage in 2021. Whom would you love to see in a friendly competition that they have not scheduled yet? 

Bradd Marquis – I do not know who would go up against him, but I would love to see Usher in a Versuz. We might have to make an exception for Justin Timberlake, invite him to the cookout so Usher has some good competition.

Reviews & DunnIf you had the ability to time travel what is one sporting event you would like to sing the National Anthem at.  

Bradd Marquis – If I could time travel and perform at any sporting event, I would love to sing the National Anthem at Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, Cavs VS Golden State. 

Reviews & DunnI want to take you on a trip down memory lane in your catalog and ask who you would love to hear cover these songs: “Slow Down”, “Lucky Ones” and “Accommodate”

Bradd Marquis – Another good and creative question,

“Slow Down” – Honestly, I do not hear anybody covering this joint.

“Lucky Ones” – Curtis Mayfield or Marvin Gaye

“Accommodate” – Jodeci or Dru Hill

Reviews & DunnPre-COVID you had a stage show where you paid homage to the songbook of Sam Cooke. Is there a particular artist from the eighties or nineties you would love to pay homage to in a similar format?

Bradd Marquis – I am not big on tribute shows anymore much but if I had to, I would probably do Luther Vandross for the ’80s, and Gerald Levert for the ’90s. I would love to be a part of a Gerald Levert tribute; I would make an exception for him.

Reviews & DunnIs there anything you would like to add?  Where can fans find you on social media? 

Bradd Marquis – I am just truly appreciative of the love my work is being shown right now, thank you! I hope it is adding value to people’s lives. My music and I can be found by typing in Bradd Marquis on whatever platform, you consume music, the same thing for those social media platforms.

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