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The Bigger Picture from NFL to Author/With Kyle Arrington

Retired Super Bowl Champion and 2011 NFL Interceptions co-leader recipient Kyle Arrington, dropped by Reviews & Dunn to discuss his New Children’s Book and everything in between.

Reviews & DunnGrowing up in Prince George’s County when did you realize that you wanted to pursue a pro football career?

Kyle Arrington – From an early age, I realized football and sports, in general, taught a lot of parallel life lessons, on the field and off. Hard work, being accountable to others, fighting for a common goal, amongst many others. Exposure is another keyword that comes to mind. To come across people at each level, who have and have had different walks of life, was an indoctrinating experience I am forever grateful for. Therefore, to answer the question, I told myself from the very start…if I could continue to play this game as long as it will allow, I would do right by it because it did right by me 

Reviews & DunnWhat can you tell us about your new book Piece It Together?

Kyle Arrington – So one thing my dad always said to me growing up, “whenever you enter someone’s home, you make it your mission to leave it better than how you found it.” That constantly stayed with me. So much so, I even adopted a worldview approach to it, especially when my wife and I had our three kids. “How can we leave this place (earth) better than which we inherited?” Something we truly struggle with every night before we go to bed. When you have kids, you look at it as an opportunity for them to be those better versions of yourself. Therefore, if we are going to get to that “better tomorrow” we always talk about, it is going to be because of them. With that, it is my hope that with this project, a certain foundation is instilled. One founded on teamwork, togetherness, and unity. One of my favorite quotes has consistently been, “individually we can go fast, but together we can go far.” 

Reviews & DunnWas writing a book always something you were passionate about?

Kyle Arrington – NOT AT ALL!!! (LOL) Being a communications major, I did a ton of writing. So once that ink dried on that diploma, if I never saw another keyboard in my life…it would be too soon (LOL). However, that just goes back to wrestling with that same question every night before bed. I was woken up from my sleep one night around 4 in the morning, and my brain would not shut down. So I get up and go downstairs to flip open the laptop (I know, right, keyboard smh) and started to jot down a few things. It is ultimately, what turned into the end result with the book. At the end of the day, it is the message that matters for me. No matter how it gets out….as long as it gets out. 

Reviews & DunnHow many drafts did you go throw while writing Piece It Together?

Kyle Arrington – There were two main principle drafts, with a few edits on certain keywords. Originally, there was going to be just one main character, with the supporting character coming towards the end. And just like the embodiment of its theme, my team and I got together and felt the message would be more on-brand with both kids starring from the beginning. In a sense, we “pieced it, together!” 

Reviews & DunnWhat advice can you offer to aspire children’s book authors?

Kyle Arrington – Honestly, I would say do not wait. Each and every one of us has our own unique story to inject into a…well…story. That is a new key takeaway for every piece of literature a child reads. Essentially a new widget to store in their tool chest for success. 

Reviews & DunnDuring your professional career, what song did you play the most for motivation?

Kyle Arrington – Hmm, the most? Well, I can at least tell you the most consistently added to a mix, which was “Moment for Life” by Nicki Minaj and Drake. If you just break down those three words, “moment for life,” and think about the opportunity, you have before you each time you step onto that field. It is a motivating yet humbling feeling. 

Reviews & DunnIf there is ever a biopic of your life who would be the ideal actor to portray you?

Kyle Arrington – You know, growing up, actors like Denzel and Will Smith had it! They could play anything, and you would almost want to see them in everything. Today’s up-and-coming guys like Michael B Jordan I would most likely choose. I mean, that is only since I could not pick myself. 

Reviews & DunnIn a Game of NBA2K, what players are on your dream roster?

Kyle Arrington – Oh, my starting five is legit, but filling out the roster may be up for debate. 

  • Michael Jordan
  • LeBron James
  • Kobe Bryant 
  • Kevin Durant 
  • Shaq 

Then you have legends like Allen Iverson, Kevin Garnett, Karl Malone, Steph Curry, Dirk Nowitzki, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon and Wilt Chamberlain.

Reviews & DunnGiven the chance to time travel would you rather see Gayle Sayers, Ed “Too Tall Jones” or Mean Joe Green play in their prime?

Kyle Arrington –Man! I am torn between Sayers and Mean Joe. You know the hard hat and lunch pail defensive makeup in me, of course, is leaning towards Joe Green. However, there is just something about poetry in motion. That dude Gayle Sayers was groundbreaking. One of the few who could turn a barbaric spectacle into an art. 

Reviews & DunnIs there anything you would like to add and where can fans find you on social media?

Kyle Arrington – Sure, I am on Facebook and Instagram @arr2four. Please also follow our foundation’s website, also on Facebook and Instagram @evolvecdc_ 

Kyle Arrington’s website is

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