Actress Ashley John Talks Connect
Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Actress Ashley John Talks Connect

Reviews & DunnWas there a particular film you saw growing up that made you realize you wanted to make this a career?

Ashley JohnSet it off. That film still lights a fire in me today. There were so many emotions to tap into, allowing those women to show true talent. I would have felt so blessed to be a part of that leading four. 

Reviews & DunnWhat can you tell us about your character in Connect? 

Ashley John – My character’s name is Joy, and for someone to have a name like that, she carries the world’s weight on her shoulders. A very quiet heaviness to her was enjoyable to play. When it finally explodes in the film, you will see why. That is a pain I would not wish on anyone. She and Vincent are forever tied together.

Reviews & Dunn After reading the script for Connect, were there any other characters that spoke to you besides Joy?

Ashley John – Monroe, played by Ronnie Baker Jr., was fascinating. He is the friend we love but love to hate. That we can only trust to a certain point, he could not see how he was a lousy friend, lol, but that is perspective for you.

Reviews & DunnI am a big fan of musical biopics. Is there any singer you would love to portray on screen? 

Ashley John – Eartha Kitt, hands down, I am here in another dimension for sure. I would be honored to become her.

Reviews & DunnYou get a phone call from Forrest Whitaker, who is recreating Waiting to Exhale for a Zoom table read. You are portraying Robin’s role; ideally, whom would you love to see as Savannah, Bernadine, and Gloria? 

Ashley John – I am an upcoming actress in the indie world, so I definitely would love to share the screen with some of my beautiful contemporary indie actresses. Article Johnson: Savannah, Bernadine: Deborah Carmichael. Check them out; they are amazing…I don’t have a Gloria in mind right now, lol.

Reviews & DunnIs there anything you would like to add? Where can fans find you on social media? 

Ashley John – I just want everyone to tap into this film and let their minds wonder. I cannot wait to hear opinions and talk about them. It will definitely be an interesting discussion.

Follow me on IG @theashleyjohn.

Stay Turned to Reviews & Dunn for interviews with Ashely’s co-stars Bryan Earl and Ronnie Baker Jr. in the coming days.


Connect will be available to stream virtually during the 2021 Michaeux Film Festival April 26- May 2. Tickets and additional information will soon be available here:

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