Derrick T Dunn

Second Listen Sunday: B5, Don’t Talk Just Listen

For this week’s Second Listen Sunday, I took a trip back to 2007 and revisited “Don’t Talk Just Listen” from the group B5. Hailing from the Peach State, B5 comprised the Breeding Brothers, Bryan, Carnell, Dustin, Kelly, and Patrick. Initially finding success two years earlier with their cover of The Jackson 5’s “All I Do,” their debut did just enough with their preteen fans to warrant a second album.

Slow Jam Saturday: Jagged Edge, Whole Town’s Laughing At Me

With the exception of a few cases, R&B groups experienced a period of stagnation in 2007. While some groups continued to tour and perform their renowned classics, releasing new music was infrequent. To commemorate this week’s Slow Jam Saturday, I would like to acknowledge a notable piece from Jagged Edge’s sixth album, “Baby Makin Project,” titled “Whole Town’s Laughing At Me.”

Monkey Man swings high as a combo of action and drama

Academy Award Nominee Dev Patel leaps to the action genre for his directorial debut in “Monkey Man” from Universal Pictures. Oscar Winner Jordan Peele serves as executive producer, while Patel co-writes the screenplay with Paul Angunawela and John Collee. The film takes inspiration from the legend of Hanuman, an icon embodying strength and courage.

The First Omen breathes new in life into a spooky franchise

The renowned horror franchise Omen has recently received a prequel titled “The First Omen” from 20th Century Studios. The film is directed by Arkasha Stevenson, who co-wrote the script with Tim Smith and Keith Thomas, and is based on a story by Ben Jacoby. In the sixth installment of the franchise, the plot revolves around Margaret Daino, portrayed by Nell Tiger Free, an American woman sent to work at an orphanage in Rome, where she discovers a sinister plot to bring forth the birth of the Antichrist. Margaret develops close relationships with Luz Valez, played by Maria Caballero, and young orphan Carlita Scianna, played by Nicole Scarce. However, when Father Brennan, portrayed by Ralph Ineson, warns Margaret of a conspiracy within the church, she begins to experience unsettling events, testing her faith and sanity.

Sting spins up an impressive horror debut

Writer & director Kiah Roache-Turner delivers a solid feature debut with “Sting” from Well Go USA. During a stormy evening in New York City, a mysterious object descends from the sky and shatters the window of a dilapidated apartment building. The object, an egg, contains within it a peculiar little spider.

Second Listen Sunday: Ready For The World

For this week’s Second Listen Sunday, we are taking a trip to the Great Lake State and showing some love to R&B Band Ready for The World and their self-titled debut album. Arriving in stores on May 14, 1985, via MCA Records, the album on which the band produced their first single was “Tonight.”

Slow Jam Saturday : Danny Boy, It’s Over Now

During the 1990s, it was commonplace for numerous hip-hop record labels to have an R&B vocalist who would collaborate with the label’s artists in composing hooks. This week’s edition of Slow Jam Saturday features Danny Boy, a singer who fulfills this category, and his poignant ballad “It’s Over Now.”

The American Society of Magical Negroes fails to conjure up enjoyment

After getting his feet wet in the world of acting, Kobi Libii makes his feature writing and directing debut with “The American Society of Magical Negros” from Focus Features. Struggling bi-racial artist Aren (Justice Smith) crosses paths with bartender Roger (David Alan Grier) at his latest art show, who sees some potential in Aren and informs him that he is a member of The American Society of Magical Negroes, a group aiming to safeguard African Americans by appeasing White individuals.

Titans duke it out in Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire

Director Adam Winglans returns to the big screen with two monstrous titans in “Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire” from Warner Bros. Pictures. The script, penned by Terry Rossio, Simon Barrett, and Jeremy Slater, is the fifth film in the Monster Verse franchise. Additionally, it is the 38th film in the Godzilla franchise and the 13th film in the King Kong franchise.

Second Listen Sunday: Bobby Brown, The Masterpiece

While he is enjoying a second career wind with a booming food condiment and seasoning line tours with New Edition and a successful Vegas residency, Bobby Brown hasn’t released an album since 2012’s “The Masterpiece” this week’s pick for Second Listen Sunday. Fans were already aware of the album’s arrival as Brown constantly spoke about it on tour. The first single was “Get out the Way,” in which Brown dabbles in familiar territory by addressing the haters in his life.

Slow Jam Saturday: Johnny Gill, I’m Still Waiting

R&B balladeer Johnny Gill was basking in the success of his self-titled third solo album in the spring of 1991 when he contributed a soulful ditty to the soundtrack for the classic film “New Jack City.” Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis affiliate, the late Randy Ran, wrote and produced the song. No stranger to singing about heartbreak, the song finds Gill crooning about longing for a supportive, dependable partner in life. Ran’s lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and the need for emotional support.

Is It Cake Season 3 Serves Up More Family Fun

Comedian Mikey Day reunites with Netflix for Season 3 of the hit show Is It Cake. Deception is the name of the game for the world’s most talented bakers, who will compete to create hyper-realistic cakes that look exactly like everyday objects – with cash on the line. But are they good enough to deceive a panel of celebrity judges… and you? You’ll be asking yourself, ‘Is it real?’ Or…Is It Cake?”