Keith Sweat, A Christmas Of Love
Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Flashback Friday Album Review: Keith Sweat, A Christmas Of Love

Keith Sweat, who perfected the art of begging in R&B music, dabbled in Christmas music with his album A Christmas of Love released on November 20th, 2007, via Rhino Records. When the album was released, Sweat had already released eight solo albums throughout his two-decade career. Outside of “The Christmas Song,” Sweat avoids the usual Christmas standards and instead adds his signature sound to Christmas music.

The sexy slow jam “Be Your Santa Claus” opens up the album where Sweat croons lyrics such as “I wanna be your Santa Claus, I wanna be the reason that you come home tonight. With lush production and a catchy chorus, it’s the perfect way to open up the album. The next track is the up-tempo “Party Christmas,” which would feel right at home during an office Christmas party. The production on “Party Christmas” instantly made me want to grab my wife and attempt to Chicago Step.

“It’s Christmas Again” finds Sweat flirting with a bit of auto-tune (as the sound was prevalent back in 2007), but the singer makes it work for his singing style. “All I Want for Christmas” production will remind listeners of “Love You Better” (Sweat’s duet with Keyshia Cole). Fellas, if you’re in the dog house with your lady during the holiday season, this is one of the songs you want to play. Before the album gets to its closer, the ballad “Under the Tree,” Sweat finds time to stray away from his usual topics and experiment with Gospel on “Point Of Christmas.” Given Sweat’s success with the song’s genre, I wouldn’t mind hearing some more Gospel from Sweat.

To my surprise, Sweat’s only real misstep on the album is his cover of “The Christmas Song.” Sweat’s strength on the album’s original material, including the lesser track “Once a Year,” validates that Sweat didn’t need to include a cover song as his talent speaks for itself. Keith Sweat is a legend in the R&B genre, so it’s puzzling that he waited twenty years to do a Christmas album. Adding his own flavor to Christmas music, A Christmas of Love is a worthy addition to your holiday playlist.

Final Grade B

Top Tracks “Be Your Santa Claus,” “Party Christmas,” “Nothing like Christmas”

A Christmas of Love is available on all streaming platforms.

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