Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Slow Jam Saturday : Raphael Saadiq, Scream

R&B fans were elated this past summer when R&B legend Raphael Saadiq announced he had reunited with Tony! Toni! Toné! for a fall tour. The tour kicked off this past Thursday in Birmingham, Alabama, with twenty-five planned stops. I plan on attending the Oxon Hill, MD, stop this coming Monday.

For this week’s Slow Jam Saturday, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite tracks from Saadiq’s solo catalog, “Scream.” I first heard the song over the closing of the 2004 film Motives. During the fall of that year, Saadiq launched his second solo album, Ray Ray. Regrettably, the song was left out of retail copies in the United States. Luckily, I lived in the UK then and obtained their version of the album, which included the song as a bonus track.

Written and produced by Saadiq, the song explores themes of sexual desire and pleasure. The lyrics depict a passionate and intense physical relationship between two individuals. The repetition of phrases like “scream, scream, scream” and “thing, thing, thing” emphasize their encounters’ raw, uninhibited nature.

The chorus, “I love your scream, scream, scream, so much it’s in my dreams, I love your scream, scream, scream, girl, you know I need your cream,” suggests that the protagonist finds immense satisfaction and fulfillment in their partner’s expressions of pleasure. The mention of dreams indicates that this connection is deeply ingrained in their subconscious desires.

In the verses, the lyrics further delve into the dynamic between the two lovers. The mention of their initial encounter and Saadiq’s admiration for his partner’s talent imply a sense of awe and captivation. Lines like “Your bed sleeps better than mine do” and “I’ll get in my car ’cause you give great head” convey a strong physical attraction and a willingness to go to great lengths to be with this person.

The bridge, recounting a memorable moment together, highlights the significance of this relationship. The lyrics describe an intimate experience that left a lasting impression on the protagonist. The phrase “shocked my body” suggests the intensity of the encounter and the impact it had on their physical and emotional state.

“Scream” successfully portrays a passionate and sexually charged relationship where both partners derive immense pleasure and fulfillment from each other’s company. The lyrics explore the intensity of desire and the powerful connection that can be formed through intimate encounters.

While I doubt the song is part of the tour’s setlist, I highly encourage adding it to your slow jam playlist.

Final Grade: A

“Scream” is available on all streaming platforms.

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