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Slow Jam Saturday : Lloyd, Valentine

Valentine’s Day 2024 may have come and gone, but I still plan to use highlight songs with the V-word for February’s Slow Jam Saturday. The artist I chose is a southern gentleman by the name of Lloyd. Initially breaking onto the scene as a member of the preteen-boy band N-Toon, Lloyd’s solo career kicked off in 2004 with the hit “Southside.”

I can admit that I wrote Lloyd off as a one-hit wonder, but to my surprise, the singer returned with a vengeance in 2006 with the colossal hit “You.” Lloyd’s second album, Street Love, hit stores in Mach of 2007, and one song instantly caught my attention, “Valentine.” Lloyd wrote and co-produced the track with Wally Morris, Joyce Irby, and T.W. Hale.

This ballad showcases Lloyd’s profound experience of being head over heels, captured by his powerful connection with his beloved. The narrative details an intense attraction and captivation, with Lloyd experiencing a thrill like never before each time he is around his cherished one. He deserves applause for penning sophisticated lyrics such as “Give my heart to you, my Valentine,” encapsulating their desire to devote themselves entirely to this enchanted romance. Saying “through and through a thousand times” underscores the depth of their affection and its enduring resilience.

The story within the song also charts out their relationship’s growth trajectory in phrases such as “steadily we growin'” and “heaven sent from above.” Lloyd feels on top of the world in her presence, recognizing that Cupid’s arrow has deeply struck him – there are no escape routes here! He candidly confesses his overwhelming feelings for her – yes, indeed! – he is smitten. Implying “my heart beats for two” indicates she now forms an essential part of his evolving identity.

While the song did have a slight radio push, I’m surprised that the label didn’t cross-promote with BET’s 106 & Park to have a fan enter a contest to be “Lloyd’s Valentine.” Seventeen years later, the song is still in my rotation and is one of my favorite songs from Lloyd’s catalog.

Final Grade: B+

“Valentine” from “Street Love” is available on all streaming platforms.

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