October London, Back To Your Place
Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Single Review : October London, Back To Your Place

Soul singer October London is steadily making a name for himself in the genre of R&B. By blending classic soul sounds with contemporary R&B, October London is carving out a space for himself in the music industry. A South Bend, Indiana native, he hit the scene in the summer of 2016. The first time I heard his voice was on “Revolution,” the closing song on Snoop Dogg’s Coolaid album.

Since then, he has graced fans with numerous projects. As he embarks on his latest project, The Rebirth of Marvin, he embraces one of the most brilliant singers ever. The lead single from the project is the slow-drag ballad “Back To Your Place.” A romantic ballad expresses a desire to be taken back to a lover’s place. In the lyrics, October has admired the person they are interested in all night. However, he is growing impatient with how long they have waited to advance the relationship.

They ask to be taken back to the person’s place, using the phrase “place of residence” to emphasize their intention. October desires to spend time alone with that person so they can express their love in a way they both desire. The song is a plea for a committed relationship and a physical connection. The Marvin Gaye influence is evident when I hear and see the visuals. Marvin is looking down and smiling.


Final Grade: A-

“Back To Your Place” is available on all streaming platforms.

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