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Derrick Dunn

Single Review : Chris Brown, Sensational

As the highly anticipated release of his eleventh album, 11:11, draws near, R&B sensation Chris Brown recently dropped his second single, “Sensational,” much to the delight of his adoring fans.” Following the mid-tempo R&B vibes of the lead single “Summer Too Hot,” Brown links up with Davido and Lojay to craft a surprisingly infectious dancefloor bop.

At 42, I’m not exactly in Brown’s demographic. However, he does have a playlist on my iTunes, and I’ve paid to see him live twice. I do think Brown has the potential to deliver a classic album. However, I also understand why he plays it safe.

Breezy’s latest single delves into infatuation, desire, and the excitement of falling in love. The lyrics express the artist’s feelings towards a woman who captivates them. In the chorus, Brown sings about being infatuated with the woman’s beauty and willing to do anything for her. Love becomes a riddle he wants her to solve as he indulges in the joy and pleasure she brings him.

CB consistently expresses his deep admiration for the woman and unwavering commitment to her. He desires to make her happy and fulfill her every need and openly communicates his strong attraction to her. The lyrics convey his intense connection to her, striving to bring her pleasure and satisfaction.

Davido’s verse uses wordplay and metaphors to describe a seductive woman who grabs his attention. He compares their intimate moments to Soul Train, creating a vivid image of their thrilling and passionate encounter with explicit lyrics indicating their intense chemistry.

Lojay’s contribution to the song reflects the desire for intimacy and a deeper connection. He expresses his need to be close to the woman and evokes a sense of longing and anticipation. The lyrics suggest that she possesses an indescribable quality that sets her apart and leaves him wondering about her.

After eighteen years in the game, Chris Brown is at a point in his career when he could do an album of silence, and his fans will eat it up. While he hasn’t produced an album that I overly enjoyed from start to finish in years, his talent does speak volumes/ Breezy knows how to craft a hit to the delight of his female fans, and Sensational” is no different.

While it remains to be seen if 11:11 is Brown’s magnum opus, his die-hard fans will keep his current single buzzing for months.

Final Grade: B

“Sensational” is available on all streaming platforms.

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