Looking Ahead To the Future: Nutta Butta Interview Part 3
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Looking Ahead To the Future: Nutta Butta Interview Part 3

Reviews & Dunn: Name five MC’S (from any time, dead or alive) you would love to do a Posse cut with?

Nutta Butta: A posse cut sounds funny to me, but I get what you’re saying. Off the rip, I’m going to say Aqil, LL, Jay-Z, Method Man, and this is my mother blanking house Run of Run DMC. Let’s be clear, that Run right there, maaaaaan listen! Wait, I have to add an honorable mention, and that’s Chuck D, to me he is one of the all-time greats!

Reviews & Dunn: I’m a huge fan of biopics. Who is one Hip Hop Artist’s story you would love to see on the big screen or in miniseries format?

Nutta Butta: Wow, that’s a tough one; I will say myself, with Michael B. Jordan portraying me. I definitely have a story of fame and missed fortune, redemption, hope, and success. My life and story would definitely be a solid movie!

Reviews & Dunn: With an unlimited budget and resources, who are three producers, you would reach out to work on your next album?

Nutta Butta: WOW! I would have to say, Just Blaze, Kanye, and Q Tip. But wait, I have to add Clark Kent, Easy Moe Bee, and Pharrell. I think these guys are culture influencers and some of the greatest producers of our time. For me, having an unlimited budget and resources, and not working with them would be criminal.

Reviews & Dunn: What advice can you offer to aspiring artists regarding the business of music? Nutta Butta: Guard yourself with the armor of understanding the business and know that you are a business and a brand. Understand publishing, administering publishing, intellectual property, points, royalties, and assemble a strong team—a team of business-minded people who have your best interest in mind. The team should include accountants, lawyers, public relations, management, and hire real security when it’s the appropriate time in your career. Stay innovative and remember everything starts with the product, and that’s your music. Continue to create and build, own as much as you can of your art, and respect your artistry.

Reviews & Dunn: From an artist’s standpoint, why do you think some battle rappers who gain notoriety for battling are never able to deliver a good album?

Nutta Butta: I can’t answer that; I don’t have an answer to it. But I will say that I love the competitive brilliance of the art form, and I am a huge fan of that lane of hip hop.

Reviews & Dunn: How do you feel about the current state of Hip Hop?

Nutta Butta: This is a tricky question that deserves time and attention, so let me take my time and give this question some serious attention. The current state of hip hop for me, coming from a very different era of music and culture, on the whole, is I would say the current state of hip hop for my generation looks bleak. I am of the opinion that there isn’t a current presence or representation of my generation in hip hop, meaning new music. It appears that our generation has settled for the good old day’s approach to the genre. Reliving the past, instead of creating music that is meaningful to the current culture of our generation/era. Now again, this is my opinion, and I could be mistaken, Nah! As for the current state of hip hop today, I absolutely love it! The artists’ have a great deal of hustle and independence; they have learned how to use social media to reach their fans directly. They make music that their peers can identify and relate to. For me or anyone who’s 40 years and older to expect the younger artist of today’s culture to make music that speaks to us is foolish. I believe this is where the narrative of hip hop isn’t what it used to be and gets twisted.

Reviews & Dunn: Once the COVID is over, what do you have planned musically?

Nutta Butta: I’m cooking right now, brother! The chef is in the kitchen, putting that music gumbo together. I have a few things in the works regarding music. I was waiting to announce my name change, but what better time than the present. This is breaking news, and your readers got it first! The artist recognized around the world as Nutta Butta has had some wonderful moments in music and has left the industry with some head-nodding bangers. However, he has yet to deliver the world a full body of work and his creative expression. With that said, Nutta Butta will no longer create any more music. With a revised, renewed, rejuvenated everything, I thought it would be a no brainer to change my name as an artist. In Jay-Z’s voice, “allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is” Melew Chace!!!! My album is called Freedom of Speech. This project is some out of this world music, I have tapped into some next level “Me” creating this project. In addition to the Freedom of Speech project, I have several creatively brilliant books that I am currently scribing. A few of the titles are (The Reservoir of My Mind, The memoirs of a Harlem boy, A Harlem Boy’s Chance and Me’chanics a self- reflecting guide in business, health, finance, and more). All three books will have soundtracks featuring various artists from all over the world. They are submitting music to these projects. We have some more surprises as we are currently in talks with a film production team. We are working!!!!!!

Reviews & Dunn: Is there anything you would like to add, and where can fans find you on social media?

Nutta Butta: First and foremost, thank you for this awesome platform, it was a pleasure doing this interview with you. I enjoyed sharing some real talk that I have elected to not speak about openly beforehand. However, the narrative was tainted for years, with a great deal of fluff. It’s time for that narrative to be countered with truth. One’s greatness and musical genius isn’t a question, but integrity and honesty are an apparent flaw. Reflecting on my journey, for the most part, I am filled with gratitude as I was afforded an opportunity of a lifetime. I was blessed to have recorded and wrote music with legends, toured and shared stages across the world with people who have and will be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. I also made television appearances on iconic shows such as Soul Train and Showtime at the Apollo, just to name a few. By me coming through the door, with 20 or more and requesting that you take it back and do the wop with me, you now know that a party ain’t a party until it’s ran all through! I have contributed to this game called music in the form of writing, producing and or featuring on songs with the likes of, Janet Jackson, Blackstreet, Will Smith, MC Hammer, Wreckx N Effect, Queen Pen, Shades, and 702. As well as Men of Vizion, Black Girl, Case, and David Miller. I was invited to the table and earned my right to partake in it. It felt like a feast, and I thought we were eating together, only to find that someone delighted in eating my portion although they were already eating swell! I want to take this time to thank my cousin, who is a serious, highly respected mogul in the music business out in ATL. He has been doing it big for the last 10 years, he has not only offered me love in the game but has accredited me for starting him off in it. 

My team and I are currently locking down all social platforms, and we are slated to launch Melew Chace Summa 2020.

Be sure to follow Nutta Butta on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nbutta

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nuttabuttanyc/

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  1. Whoever this man is sounds like he’s stuck in a time capsule. He didn’t name one artist who’s been relevant in the last 20 years. Hopefully he got paid for this interview so he can seek some mental help.

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