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Slow Jam Saturday : Johnathan Butler, Love Songs, Candlelight and You

Johnathan Butler was a decade into his career when his self-titled album arrived in stores in 1987. Listeners may recall his hit singles “Lies” and “Overflowing” from that album. However, I wanted to highlight the project’s second track, “Love Songs, Candlelight & You,” for this week’s Slow Jam Saturday.

Butler’s music frequently carries the description of R&B, jazz fusion, or worship music, but with “Love Songs, Candlelight & You,” the South African-born singer-songwriter and guitarist, elegantly solidifies intimacy. Butler opens the track with lush instrumentation and smooth cooing before kicking off the first verse.

“In the middle of the night, the doorbell rings

My baby’s come to call

She wants to make love, and I don’t mind at all

No, baby

‘Cause nobody loves me the way she does

She’s got that special touch

It’s just too much, the way she makes me climb the walls

Ooh, baby”.

Butler then glides through the pre-chorus before giving us the chorus.

“So, give me some love songs, candlelight and you

It’s the perfect situation

Love songs, ooh, candlelight makes dreams come true

And all I wanna do is be with you”.

“Love Songs, Candlelight & You” was one of the many songs I discovered in my mid-twenties while deployed to the Middle East. At the time, Al B. Sure was hosting the romantically themed nighttime music program, The Secret Garden. Sure’s radio show was on the programs broadcast through internet radio. Thirty-five years later, the song still holds up as Butler creates a vibe of sensuality while avoiding vulgarity.

Final Grade: A

“Love Songs, Candlelight & You” from Johnathan Butler is available on all streaming platforms.

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