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Concert Review : R&B Super Jam @ Eagle Bank Arena

R&B music fans and couples packed Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, VA, on Sunday, February 18th, for the R&B Super Jam. Urban Vibe Entertainment hosted the event, which featured nineties R&B acts. The artists on the bill were Shai, Mya, Ginuwine, Dru Hill, and headliner Monica.

Having seen all the artists on the bill except for Shai, I was excited to see them all again. As they entered the venue, attendees were treated to DJ Sixth Sense’s turntable skills. To my surprise, the show began on time, with the R&B quartet Shai kicking things off. The group, led by Garfield Bright, took us on a nostalgic journey back to the early 1990s with their famous hits such as “The Place Where You Belong,” “Comforter,” and “Baby I’m Yours.” They concluded their performance with their iconic hit, “If I Ever Fall in Love,” with the audience singing along to every word.

Next up was the talented Mýa, who wowed the crowd with her signature pop and R&B music blend. She performed hit songs like “Movin On,” “Case of the Ex,” “Best of Me,” “My Love is Like…Wo,” and, of course, “Lady Marmalade.” Fellow DC native Ginuwine followed, and although age may have slowed down his smooth moves, he still possessed an undeniable stage presence. He started his set with “Hell Yeah” and “Same Ol G,” then went on to captivate the ladies in the audience with “None of Ur Friends Business,” “So Anxious,” “Differences,” and “In Those Jeans.” Ginuwine’s set concluded with his popular hit song “Pony.”

The R&B sextet from Charm City, Dru Hill, received thunderous applause as they took the stage. The group brought the energy up with their powerhouse vocals and infectious grooves, performing hits like the “In My Bed” remix, “Tell Me,” “I Should Be,” and “Beauty.” The group also featured other acts whose contributions were highlighted. Smoke & Black of Playa performed “Cheers 2 U” while Sisqo revisited his vocal assists from the Hip Hop collaborations “How Many Licks” and “What These Chicks Want.” Dru Hill’s set ended with Sisqo’s “Thong Song.”

The Atlanta-based singer Monica was the last performer of the night. Although I had seen her perform before, she did not seem best that night. Monica’s powerful vocals were not on full display, but the audience was still captivated by her set. She took us on a journey through her discography, performing classic hits like “Don’t Take It Personal,” “Love All over Me,” “Angel of Mine,” and “So Gone.”

The R&B Super jam was an enjoyable night out, with each artist bringing their unique style to the stage. Hopefully, the promoters will make this an annual event in the DMV.

Final Grade: B

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