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Concert Review : D-Nice, Club Q Live @ The Kennedy Center Time

Last Friday, D-Nice brought together a few comedian’s friends to bring some laughs to the DMV as part of his Club Quarantine Live series. However, Saturday, October 7th, was about the music as Club Quarantine Live with D-Nice and special guests turned the Kennedy Center into a full-on party.

The special guests on tonight’s bill included Camp Lo, Frédéric Yonnet, Jadakiss, Kem, Machel Montano, MC Lyte, Muni Long, Shanice, Tracie Spencer, and Vin Rock of Naughty by Nature. While I am a Hip Hop head and was aware of D-Nice’s two solo albums, like many, I witnessed his career resurgence in 2020 during the COVID-Pandemic when he began hosting Homeschool at Club Quarantine on Instagram Live from his home as a coping mechanism.

Due to scheduling obligations, I missed experiencing Club Quarantine Live, so I was anxious about this event. Upon entering the venue, attendees were dressed elegantly and ready to enjoy themselves. After some warm-up jokes by our host, Chris Spencer, D-Nice kicked off a DJ Set to get the party rocking, While D-Nice was playing the nineties classic “Hip Hop Hooray,” Vin Rock, who performed on the track, made his way to the stage as the evening’s first performer and would later remain on stage to serve as a hype man between the acts.

As for the performers, each performed two songs, and D-Nice essentially would play music. Given the impressive catalog of some of the performers, what songs would make their way into the setlists?

I won’t go into much detail about the performances, but everyone brought their A-Game. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how crisp Shanice’s vocals were on her signature song, “I Love Your Smile,” and Jadakiss’s energy on “We Gon Make It,” with the Orchestra backing him up.

Last November, D-Nice, formerly of Boogie Down Productions, made history as the first DJ and hip-hop artist to headline the Kennedy Center Opera House. As a council member of the Kennedy Center Hip Hop Culture, D-Nice has a dynamic love for the genre, incorporating turntablism, photography, and community into the genre.

Here’s hoping Club Quarantine becomes an annual event at The Kennedy Center.

Final Grade: B+

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Yesterday was the sixteenth anniversary of my marital union. In honor of this occasion, I have selected a song for this week’s Slow Jam Saturday that celebrates the sanctity of marriage. While I considered several options, such as Robin Thicke’s “Angels,” Luther Vandross’ “So Amazing,” or Myron’s “Give My All to You,” all of which played a significant role in my wedding, I ultimately decided on The Whispers’ “I’m Gonna Make You My Wife” due to its particular resonance with me.

Second Listen Sunday: B5, Don’t Talk Just Listen

For this week’s Second Listen Sunday, I took a trip back to 2007 and revisited “Don’t Talk Just Listen” from the group B5. Hailing from the Peach State, B5 comprised the Breeding Brothers, Bryan, Carnell, Dustin, Kelly, and Patrick. Initially finding success two years earlier with their cover of The Jackson 5’s “All I Do,” their debut did just enough with their preteen fans to warrant a second album.

Slow Jam Saturday: Jagged Edge, Whole Town’s Laughing At Me

With the exception of a few cases, R&B groups experienced a period of stagnation in 2007. While some groups continued to tour and perform their renowned classics, releasing new music was infrequent. To commemorate this week’s Slow Jam Saturday, I would like to acknowledge a notable piece from Jagged Edge’s sixth album, “Baby Makin Project,” titled “Whole Town’s Laughing At Me.”