Boyz II Men, Fallin
Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Slow Jam Saturday : Boyz II Men, Fallin

No group solidified nineties R&B more than the quartet Boyz II Men. In February 1995, the group was basking in the success of their multiplatinum-selling album II when the third single, “Thank You,” was released. As you know, it’s Slow Jam Saturday, and “Thank You” isn’t exactly a ballad. However, as die-hard Boyz II Men fans know, the EP for “Thank You” featured the ballad “Fallin,” which is this week’s pick for Slow Jam Saturday.

While “Fallin” did appear as a Bonus Track on the initial International pressings of II, most US fans heard the song for the first on the Thank You EP. “Fallin” found Boyz II Men reuniting with R&B superstar Brian McKnight who produced the track and co-wrote it with Brandon Barnes. Boyz II Men’s signature harmonies carry the track over a lush production. The strength of the song for me has always lied in the relatable lyrics. I’m sure anyone who is falling in love for the first time can relate to

“Everytime I think of you

The woman all my life been waiting

There’s nothing that I’d rather do

Than love you endlessly

Don’t know what you see in me

Girl you bring out the best in me

And I realize when I look in your eyes

There’s nothing that I can do

Catch me I’m fallin’

Head over heels in love with you

Oh bless me fallin’

And no one can do

Catch me I’m fallin’

And my heart is like brand new

I’m falling in love, falling in love

With you”

If “Fallin” is an indicator of what Boyz II Men left on the cutting room floor for II (yes, I know that Tim & Bob produced—”Now That We’re Done” and “Can I Touch You”—ended up on 112’s 1996 self-titled debut), I would love to hear the remaining tracks.

Final Grade: A

“Fallin” is available on YouTube

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