Anthony Hamilton, Some Kind Of Wonderful
Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Slow Jam Saturday: Anthony Hamilton, Some Kind Of Wonderful

Crooner Anthony Hamilton is currently entertaining audiences on The Night Tour with fellow soul-crooners Maxwell and Joe. It was a long road for Anthony Hamilton to break through to mainstream audiences. His 1996 XTC didn’t chart was quickly out of print. However, GOD had bigger plans for the singer. Seven years later Hamilton Would experience a platinum-selling album and two signature singles from his sophomore album, Comin’ from Where I’m From. 

Shortly before releasing his third solo album Ain’t Nobody Worrying, Hamilton made an appearance on the film soundtrack for In The Mix. Collaborating with producers Dre and Vidal, Hamilton constructs a mid-tempo ballad that allows anyone whoever couldn’t find the words to express how they feel about a crush. What I’ve always loved about the song is the simplicity in the lyrics :

“Girl, it [?] impossible

For me to come and talk to you

Can we exchange and meet again?

Something kinda magical

For me, it’s more than physical

It’s spiritual, and I respect your wait

Can we just talk for a minute?

Can we just walk and hold hands?

Girl, I do dig you

And everything that comes with you, yeah!

Some kind of wonderful

Some kind of beautiful.”

The song does appear to have been specially created for the soundtrack given the film’s plot, as I don’t see where the song would have first on his second or third album. Seventeen years later, “Some Kind Of Wonderful” is still in rotation and easily one of my favorite Anthony Hamilton tracks.

Final Grade : A

“Some Kind Of Wonderful” from the In The Mix soundtrack is available on YouTube and iHeart radio.

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