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Your Lucky Day is a solid feature debut

Director Dan Brown expands his 2010 short Your Lucky Day into a same-titled full-length feature from Well Go USA. Brown also pens the film’s screenplay, which stars the late Angus Cloud in one of his last roles. The film takes place a few days before Christmas and introduces us to Sterling (Cloud), a petty drug dealer who falls victim to a stickup kid during his latest transaction.

Making his way into the local convenience store, he crosses paths with five other strangers: Amir (Mousa Hussein Kraish), the store owner; Mr. Laird (Spencer Garrett), an arrogant, wealthy man; the pregnant couple, Ana Marlene (Jessica Garza) & Abraham (Elliot Knight) and rookie cop Cody (Sterling Beaumon).

As fate would have everyone witness, the rich man wins $156 million in the lottery and, seeing a way out, Sterling at gunpoint demands the winning ticket from Mr. Laird. Naturally, Cody tries to stop the robbery, but he shoots first, accidentally killing the wealthy man. In the ensuing confusion, Sterling takes out Scotty. Quickly taking the others hostage, Sterling persuades the others to join him in a pact, money for a cover-up of what happened in the store.

In most cases, a film of this nature follows a predictable course that delves into ethics, morals, and the inevitable double-crosses that come with them. However, the director, Brown, surprises the audience with his clever and innovative storytelling techniques. He manages to steer the plot in a completely different direction, which deviates from the typical clichés that viewers are accustomed to. I won’t spoil it for you, but I must say that the twists and turns in the plot will leave you on the edge of your seat. Brown’s unique approach to storytelling truly sets this film apart from others of its kind.

Angus Cloud’s performance in the film draws in most of its audience. Cloud became famous for his role in the popular television series Euphoria. Unfortunately, he passed away during the summer, leaving behind an unforgettable legacy. Before watching the film, I was unfamiliar with Cloud’s earlier work. However, after seeing him in this particular role, it’s clear that he possessed natural acting talent and had a bright future ahead of him.

The remaining cast members play the typical roles you would expect in a movie about greed, but their performances kept me engaged throughout the film’s short runtime. While Your Lucky Day may not win any awards, it introduces us to a director with a bright future in the genre.

Final Grade: B
.Your Lucky Day opens in select theaters tomorrow and is on digital Tuesday November 14th.





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