Terrifier 2
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Terrifier 2 is bloody fun

Art The Clown, returns to cinemas to wreak havoc in Terrifier 2 from Cinedigm. The creative force from the first film Damien Leone steps back into the directors and writers for its sequel. A modern-day cult icon of horror cinema, Art the Clown first appeared in short films and the 2013 anthology film All Hallows’ Eve.  

Terrifier 2 picks up a few moments after the Miles County Massacre from the first film with an unknown entity resurrecting Art The Clown. Moments later, Art handles his business with the coroner taking care of his body and then whimsically makes it to a laundromat where he encounters a mysterious little girl who wears makeup like Art. She later becomes Art’s tag-along partner as he goes through another murderous spree.

One year later, we meet cosplay-loving teenager Sienna (Lauren LaVera) and her little brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam). Sienna has plans to attend a Halloween party with her besties and go dressed as a warrior princess, a costume that her late father designed for her. For whatever reason, Jonathan has an unhealthy fascination with the murders committed by Art the Clown a year earlier. He wants to go as Art for Halloween, much to the dismay of his mother and sister.  

With Halloween steadily approaching, both siblings are having visions of the terrifying killer, causing a domino effect that allows Art to hack up his victims. When Halloween finally arrives, and the body piles up, the siblings will have to band together to end Art’s murderous rampage. 

One of the first things horror fans will appreciate about the film is the script and its homage to eighties slashers. Watching the film, we immediately know who is going to fall victim to Art in a gruesome way. I also commend the script when it puts in the thick of the mindset of the characters as the line between dream and reality blurs, akin to what you may find in the Nightmare on Elm Street films.

Regarding the acting in Terrifier 2, it’s what you would expect from a film of this sort. Most of the cast is clearly here to serve as a victim to Art, but Lauren LaVera does show promise as a scream queen. Undeniably this film belongs to David Howard Thornton. It takes true skill to deliver a humorous, dialogue-free performance that relies on facial expressions and gestures while murdering helpless victims.

I doubt that hardcore horror fans will be shocked by the film. If you didn’t already know, the film is ultra-violent and politically incorrect. However, there have been reports of some viewers vomiting in the theater and passing out from the excessive violence. Nevertheless, Terrifier 2 knows what the core audience wants to see and delivers the good for an almost 2 ½ hour run. 


Final Grade: B

Terrifier 2  is in limited release now 

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