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Slow Jam Saturday: A Few Good Men, “Have I Never”

R&B groups were all the rage in the nineties. A new group released a new album or single with quality music every week. For this week’s Slow Jam Saturday, I wanted to highlight A Few Good Men’s “Have I Never” ballad. The group was signed to LaFace Records and initially hit the scene in 1994 with their debut, “A Thang for You.

Following the group’s formation, Babyface, a renowned musician, contributed significantly to their success by producing the song that established them, “Have I Never.” The song’s lyrics convey a sense of apprehension and self-doubt, expressing the singer’s concern that they may not have adequately conveyed their love and affection to their partner. As such, they regret any missed opportunities to express themselves, emphasizing their commitment to always be present and avoid causing intentional harm.

Throughout the song’s verses, the group ponders whether they have effectively communicated their love, care, and need for their partner. They express their determination to reassure their partner that their passion is authentic and unwavering. The pre-chorus emphasizes that any perceived deficits in verbal affirmation do not diminish the depth of their feelings. The singer asserts their love in the past, present, and future, promising to love their partner forever.

The chorus repeats the theme of unspoken love, with the singer questioning whether they have ever said “I love you” to their partner. The chorus reminds the listener to acknowledge the singer’s love for them, reassuring them of their affection. The second verse contemplates whether they have ever expressed their longing and missed their partner. The singer denies any intention to mistreat or hurt their partner consciously, expressing regret for any inadvertent infliction of pain. The pre-chorus reassures the listener that their words are genuine and originate from their heart.

The bridge reaffirms the singer’s commitment, promising never to break the listener’s heart. The singer declares their eternal love and need for their partner, reassuring them that their love is enduring.Ultimately, the song emphasizes the importance of verbalizing love and ensuring one’s partner feels supported and cherished. It underscores the need for clear communication and emotional reassurance in a loving relationship.

Like numerous other groups, A Few Good Men got lost in the shuffle of R&B music, but “Have I Never” is a testament to the magic of nineties R&B.

Final Grade: B

“Have I Never” is available on all streaming platforms.

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Slow Jam Saturday: A Few Good Men, “Have I Never”