Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Share explores the dark side of social media with ease

Director Ira Rosensweig examines social media’s impact in Share?, his latest feature from XYZ Films. Benjamin Sutor adapts the screenplay from a story he co-wrote with Rosensweig.

The film’s simplistic story is about a man (Melvin Gregg), whose name we never learn, (Melvin Gregg) who wakes up alone and struggles to survive in a society with a primitive computer network connecting its inhabitants. In this society, entertaining others is the only way to earn currency. Early on, we see our protagonist passing gas and doing other things to gain favor with the viewer as he soon realizes that his audience rewards him for his moments of humiliation and pain.

Although he has a faulty memory of his life, our protagonist learns that he must create a self-destructive comedic persona to thrive in his new world. Over time, he is rewarded with video feeds that offer him socialization opportunities. He develops relationships with other inhabitants, including a cantankerous veteran of the system (Bradley Whitford) and two women (Alice Braga and Danielle Campbell) with opposing worldviews. As he navigates through this society, he faces a dilemma: should he accept his confinement and try to find happiness within it, or should he fight a seemingly unwinnable war against the system that has imprisoned him?

One of the first things potential viewers should know about Share? is that it’s the first feature film to be shot entirely from one fixed camera angle. The creatives behind the scenes employ immersive cinematic techniques to create a unique experience where the viewer becomes another character in the movie. 

That said, I have a strong feeling from the premise alone that some may tap out within the first fifteen minutes. This film initially appears to be about the experience of being trapped in a room with no explanation. The director and writer skillfully create this illusion in the movie’s first half. However, as the plot unfolds and viewers grasp the true intention behind the film, it becomes an intriguing and thought-provoking experience.

Melvin Gregg has continued to add to his impressive 2023 resume with strong supporting performances in House PartyThe Blackening, and Story Ave. As our lead, Gregg takes an everyman approach, allowing us to identify with his situation. Gregg downplays his comedic timing and taps into drama, and I hope he continues this route.

With his signature charm, Bradley Whitford delivers a solid performance portraying the senior elder. Meanwhile, Alice Braga breaks away from the typical portrayal of a motherly and confident woman, bringing a unique and refreshing approach to her character. Danielle Campbell’s character, on the other hand, has a natural sex appeal.

With a short run time, Share? never overstays its welcome or tries to get overly deep with its social commentary. While the film isn’t for all tastes, the performances from our three leads make it worth a one-time view for those looking for something different.

Final Grade: B-


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Share explores the dark side of social media with ease