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Second Listen Sunday: B5, Don’t Talk Just Listen

For this week’s Second Listen Sunday, I took a trip back to 2007 and revisited “Don’t Talk Just Listen” from the group B5. Hailing from the Peach State, B5 comprised the Breeding Brothers,  Bryan, Carnell, Dustin, Kelly, and Patrick. Initially finding success two years earlier with their cover of The Jackson 5’s “All I Do,” their debut did just enough with their preteen fans to warrant a second album.

The group’s second album was released on September 11th, 2007. It was led by the single “Hydraulics” featuring Bow Wow, produced by Soul Diggaz and written by Andre Merritt, Dee1, and Rickey Deleon. I was 26 years old then, so I was not the target audience for this song. Nevertheless, I cannot deny its catchy pop appeal. The song primarily focuses on encouraging listeners to dance and have a good time at parties. The lyrics highlight the energetic and catchy nature of the song, urging everyone to turn up the volume, make their speakers bump, and ride in a low-rider car.

For the second radio-only single, “In My Bedroom,” the group linked up with Shea Taylor for a lush ballad. Here, the group explores the emotional turmoil and heartbreak experienced after a romantic relationship ends. The lyrics convey a sense of longing, pain, and confusion as they try to come to terms with the end of the relationship. If a more prominent artist had this song, I could see it being more of a hit, but it’s a solid song nonetheless. Despite a heavy-hitting team of producers, the album didn’t make a dent on the charts. Bryan Michael Cox gives the group two solid up-tempo tracks in “Right to Left” and “Erika Kane,” while their label mate Mario Winans follows suit with “How You Not Gonna.” Danja blesses the group with the midtempo “Teardrops.” Regarding slow jams, The Underdogs bring their magic to “All Over Again” and “Things I Would Do.”

While this album would serve as their last with the label, this project did show maturing vocals, and with the right push, they could have had a much longer career.

Final Grade: B

“Don’t Talk Just Listen” is available on all streaming platforms.

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Second Listen Sunday: B5, Don’t Talk Just Listen