Hostile Territory
Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

The west isn’t wild in Hostile Territory

Actor Brian Presley takes a trip to the Wild West for his directorial debut in Hostile Territory from Saban Films. Hostile Territory is a rousing western action-adventure inspired by a true story that tells the story of former P.O.W. Jack Calgrove moves to Heaven and Earth to be reunited with his children Lizzy (Emma Presley), Lilly (Ruby Presley), and Charlie (Jackson Presley) following the Civil War. 

After returning home, Jack finds out his wife has died, and his children, presumed orphans, are heading deep into the West aboard a train crossing old enemy lines. A troop of Native American sharpshooters and a freed slave Alice (Natalie Whittle) join Calgrove and another former soldier, Desmond (Craig Tate),, as they race to intercept the orphan train before all hope is lost.

As a movie buff, one genre I have never put much value in is the Western. However, the press release for this film caught my interest, so I went in with an open mind. Like most first-time directors, Presley wants to focus on the drama instead of the action. Thus if you have seen the trailer and are expecting wall-to-wall action, you are in for a letdown. 

The film does not try to craft a false woke narrative. Instead, Presley constructs a film that focuses on the division within human nature as we bleed red. While the film does not truly break any ground, I will recommend it as a one-time watch.

Final Grade: C

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