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Coolin with Corey Clark

Corey Clark is a 2 time R.I.A.A. Certified Gold Recording Artist who has placed #1 twice on the Billboard Charts. Corey has been in the music industry for over two decades in numerous facets. Corey is known for his second season American Idol appearance and 2005 solo album. Mr. Clark took time out of his recording schedule to chop it up with Reviews & Dunn.

Reviews & Dunn – What was the inspiration behind your new single “Protect Me“?

Corey Clark – Just for fake friends to be real, upfront, transparent and honest. That’s all. You expect those types of traits and anticipate them from your enemies and haters. So you’re ready for that. You are ready for that beef that challenge, that smoke. But every Negus, and every King, and every Champion, has their weak spot, or Achilles heel if you will. Usually, that weak spot comes in the form of your loved ones or friends. Ordinary people, with typical normal loved ones and people they call friends, are purposely unguarded against people they care about, love, and trust. An average person doesn’t expect those they love and trust and care for are about to take advantage of and or harm them. It’s often the most damaging repercussions and harmful effects because those are the people that know where you’re exposed and vulnerable or unguarded. And some people, at times, can be evil and take advantage of a person’s kindness. To either destroy, or attempt to destroy someone whom that person claims to love, care for, or respect, for greed or other unethical and inexcusable selfish and self-serving reasons that usually harm a lot of other connected people as well. Just be smiling in your face while they’re stabbing you in the back. I want those folks to know, I see and hear you.

Reviews & Dunn – The artwork cover of “Protect Me” features you holding a gun like a microphone? Whose idea was that?

Corey Clark – That was my idea to do that. I was emulating a gold prop gun microphone that the legendary Prince used for a little while. That, I thought, was an awesome visual depiction and analogy on its listeners’ impact on their listeners, good or bad. If you look close, the smoke coming out of the tip of my makeshift Desert Eagle Sennheiser mic has a music bar and staff in it.

Reviews & Dunn – How did you link up with Casper Redson for the song “Naughty Boy” last year?

Corey Clark – I’ve known Casper as a personal friend for about five years now. He’s a really talented vocalist and songwriter. He came to me with a track and asked me to write us a song, so I did, and here we are now. “Naughty Boy” is playing on terrestrial radio stations right now as of two weeks ago. We just broke into the top 100 of the Mediabase charts with it. So, I’m excited and thankful for the opportunity to get back to making good music again and charting again for the first time in a long time on a major national chart like that. God is good. Just keep the faith.

Reviews & DunnCOVID has turned every avenue of the entertainment industry on its head. Where do you see R&B heading in the future?

Corey Clark – If I have anything to do with it, in front of the camera or behind the scenes, and I will. The future of R&B is bright.

Reviews & DunnDo you plan on releasing another album, or are you going to stick with singles and possibly an E.P.?

Corey Clark – I’ve got an album that is currently being mixed and mastered as we speak. I’m recording an E.P. with Crazy Town, and Black-eyed peas producer Rick Dixon who stepped to me about creating together. He’s got some amazingly creative ideas for me that blow my mind. He’s a great guy and producer, and I’m thankful for that opportunity. I’m also releasing several more singles. I’m excited about my future and the future of my company CDC MUSIC LLC.

Reviews & Dunn – The vastly underrated producer Michael Angelo Saulsberry of Portrait produced the opening track “Chance to Dance” from your first album. What are your memories working with him?

Corey Clark – Mike is a really humble, phenomenal guy, first off. He’s ridiculously talented second off. I was blown away by how amicable he was, yet transparent and real. If he loved it, he loved it; if he didn’t, and he’d tell me straight up, “that ain’t it Clark.” But he’d support and encourage me to do it again. It was a true honor working with both Mike and the amazing Phil the Illest. I started bobbing my head to music differently after working with Mike a few times. I Bob my head up with the beat instead of down now because of him. 

Reviews & Dunn – Speaking on your first album, Scott Storch who was red hot at the time, produced the lead single “Out Of Control”. How did that collaboration come about?

Corey Clark – My personal manager Laura, hooked that up through one of Scott’s friends Speedy that she knew at the time. That’s all I know.

Reviews & Dunn – When it comes to sneakers, are you wearing a pair of Chucks, Air Force 1’s, or Reebok Classic’s first? 

Corey Clark – Chucks 1st all-day 100%.

Reviews & Dunn – Were you surprised with the Super Bowl outcome?

Corey Clark – Shit, who wasn’t? 

Reviews & Dunn – What are your plans for 2021, and where can fans find you on social media?

Corey Clark – I plan to continue the path the Good Lord put me here for, which is sharing the gift of a song he gave me with the world and those who need it. For a small fee, of course. Fans can follow me on social media at the following handles. Twitter @CDCMUSIC and on Instagram @thecoreyclark .

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