Confidential Informant
Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Confidential Informant is a travesty of a movie

Director Michael Oblowitz delivers another stinker with his latest film, Confidential Informant from Lionsgate. The director pens the screenplay with Michael Kaycheck and Brooke Nasser. Tom Moran (Dominic Purcell) and Mike Thornton (Nick Stahl) are war veterans turned cops on the beat in the Big Apple. Tom is married to Anna (Kate Bosworth) and has a song that he adores. At the same time, Mike spends his day simping for an exotic dancer named Ginger (Arielle Raycene).

The duo’s boss Chief Hickey (Mel Gibson), is on their case for results, so hoping for leads, they pay off Carlos, a junkie informant. Further complicating matters, Tom has learned he’s gravely ill. Tom decides to hatch an elaborate plan to stage his death in the line of duty so his family can get benefits. Not thinking clearly, Moran involves the stool pigeon in the deadly scheme. However, this choice causes the partners to come under the scrutiny of a suspicious internal affairs agent.

The first time I saw the plot trope of a dying cop trying to stage his death in the line of duty to provide for his wife and son was in 1990’s Short Time which starred Dabney Coleman. The trailer for this film states that a true story inspires it and takes place in 1995. So I guess we have to assume the real-life cop from this movie saw the film Short Time and had a Eureka moment?

Confidential Informant is struggling with their idea and the direction that it should take. While we all know that law enforcement officers do valuable work, it’s unfortunate that they don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. However, the writers of this film seem unsure of what kind of movie they want to create – a gritty crime flick or a serious drama. It’s ironic how Hollywood often uses this approach to develop films that try to be both simultaneously.

The actors are all on autopilot, giving performances that reek of “I’m only here for a check.” Mel Gibson hams it up for the film’s entire from the moment he opens his mouth, and Kate Bosworth is just on autopilot.

While Stahl and Purcell are capable of better, they know it.

Running only eighty-five minutes, Confidential Informant slugs its way to the finish line and easily earns a place in my worst of 2023.


Final Grade : D-

Confidential Informant is On Demand / Digital Now and In Limited Theaters June 30th

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Confidential Informant is a travesty of a movie

Confidential Informant is a travesty of a movie