Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Budget limitations don’t hinder solid action in historical epic, Boudcia : Queen of War

Director Jesse V Johnson dips into history for his latest action effort, Boudcia: Queen of War. The film, which Johnson also pens the script, is inspired by actual events and aims to take audiences on a thrilling journey into a mystical world of sword-wielding warriors and epic battles.

Boudica’s (Olga Kurylenko) husband, the noble King Prasutagus (Clive Standen), is slain, and her children are brutally taken from her by ruthless Roman conquerors. Stripped of her land and forced into subservience, Boudica, consumed by grief and burning with a desire for justice, ignites a fiery spirit within her and vows to reclaim her homeland from the clutches of the Romans. The Romans are led by the diabolical Catus Decianus (Nick Moran).

Boudica teams up with a Celtic woman warrior named Cartimanda, played by Lucy Martin, and together, they win over other tribes whom the Romans have wronged. Boudica leads her army in a desperate assault against the Roman forces, where the fate of her people and her destiny hang in the balance.

Olga Kurylenko gives a solid performance as Boudcia in the movie, showcasing the character’s strength and determination with poise and charm. Her portrayal of a fierce warrior is genuinely captivating and inspiring. Similarly, Nick Moran’s portrayal of Catus is nothing short of brilliant. He brings a menacing presence to the character, exuding both power and malice. His performance seamlessly blends into the film’s intense and dangerous world, making it all the more believable.

Despite its intriguing premise and solid performances, BOUDICA: Queen of War falls short in many areas. The screenplay often lacks depth, resulting in underdeveloped supporting characters and predictable plot points. Additionally, the film’s attempts at humor occasionally feel forced, detracting from the overall epic tone it strives to achieve.

One of the film’s highlights is undoubtedly its well-choreographed action sequences. Action buffs already know that Johnson started his career as a stuntman, so even with the flaws and limited budget, Johnson excels at choreographing fight scenes and brawls. The fight scenes are meticulously executed, with hand-to-hand combat, swordplay, and acrobatic stunts.

Boudica: Queen of War ultimately delivers an entertaining, if slightly flawed, fantasy adventure. Its portrayal of a strong, independent female lead in a predominantly male-dominated genre is commendable. Although the screenplay may falter at times, the movie succeeds in offering solid action scenes and a condensed history lesson on a story that many may not be familiar with.

Final Grade: C+

Boudcia: Queen of War. Is in theaters, on-demand and on digital this Friday, October 27th .

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Budget limitations don’t hinder solid action in historical epic, Boudcia : Queen of War