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Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Bobby V: No time to Slow Down

Reviews & Dunn recently spoke with R&B singer Bobby V. about his career. Check out our interview below. 

Reviews & Dunn: You got your start with the group Mista. The album featured the classic song “Blackberry Molasses.” What was the experience like working with Organized Noize on that record?

Bobby V: The experience with Organized Noize was amazing. I learned so much about music and how it should be done at a classic level. I was around Outkast, Goodie Mob, and TLC at a time when music was real and about substance. The experience did a lot for me as a teenager and shaped my musical career as an adult.

Reviews & Dunn: After the first album, the last Mista appearance was on the song “About You” from the Why Do Fools Fall in Love soundtrack. I understand that Tom & Bob produced the second Mista album, why wasn’t it ever released?

Bobby V: The second album was never released be we got dropped from the label after recording it. The album was awesome and led to my working with Tim & Bob as a solo artist.

Reviews & Dunn: Fast forward to 2001, you audition for the first season of “American Idol” and don’t make it. How did you end up signing with Disturbing Tha Peace and Def Jam?

Bobby V: – I signed with DTP thru Poon Daddy, who at the time was Ludacris’s best friend. I had just graduated from Clark, Atlanta, and my parents had me looking for jobs! Poon saved the day.

Reviews & Dunn: 2005 sees the release of your first album, which features the hits “Slow Down,” “Tell Me,” and “My Angel.” Did you have any idea that those songs would catch on the way that they did?

Bobby V: I knew I would have success, just not international. I had no idea that it was a whole world out there. Such a blessing.

Reviews & Dunn: Speaking on your first album, I have to tell you that the sequencing of tracks 13-15 {“Love Dream,” “Lights down Low,” and “One Girl to Love”} was the truth. I was living in the UK at the time and was a part-time DJ. The ladies in the club used to go crazy over “Lights down Low.” What was the inspiration behind that song?

Bobby V: I recorded that song while in college with a producer named Duke Williams. We did about two albums worth of music, which helped me get my deal.

Reviews & Dunn: In 2007, you release your second album, Special Occasion, which had the singles “Anonymous” and “Turn The Page.” How was the experience working with Timbaland on “Anonymous” and Rodney Jerkins on “Turn The Page”?

Bobby V: Working with those guys was terrific as they are two of the best in the game! And Timbaland was always my favorite producer, so working with him was epic.

Reviews & Dunn: Why did you decide to leave Def Jam and start Blu Kolla Dreams?

Bobby V: I got dropped from Def Jam after my second album. I was one of the first artists to take to the independent route, and it really paid off. I ended up getting a deal through EMI/Capital and having a successful indie run.

Reviews & Dunn: The debut album on Blu Kolla Dream was “The Rebirth.” That album featured a cover of the classic Tony! Toni! Tone! Song “Just Me & You. Did you get a chance to work in the studio with Raphael Saadiq?

Bobby V: The song featured Saadiq and we actually recorded a few songs together. He’s still one of my favorite producers and vocalists.

Reviews & Dunn: On your fourth album, you did another cover; this time, it was Bobby Brown’s Rock Witcha. Have you ever considered doing a full-on project of covers? If so, what songs would you choose?

Bobby V: I definitely want to do a cover album. Some of the artists I would cover include Jodeci, Babyface, H-Town, and The Isley Bros., just to name a few.

Reviews & Dunn: You flipped the script with your Peach Moon EP. I still feel that’s one of your most underrated projects. Do you have any plans of ever revisiting that style of music?

Bobby V: I would love to do more Peach Moon records. I was in a moment that still resonates with me today. Personally, I felt it was a Grammy worthy project.

Reviews & Dunn: In 2016, you ventured into acting with the film Hollywood Hearts. What was the inspiration behind that?

Bobby V: I’ve been taking a lot of acting classes, and it’s something that’s natural to me. It’s hard when people only see you in one light, so I wanted to shoot a movie to learn the behind the scenes aspect. I also wanted to prove what I can do on both ends of the spectrum.

Reviews & Dunn: Do you have any acting gigs lined up for the future?

Bobby V: – I’m taking auditions as we speak. It’s not as easy as people think it is, though. I’m still perfecting the craft, so I can be one of the greats.

Reviews & Dunn: One of my favorite genres of movies is musical biopics. Is there any artist’s story you would like to see on the big screen or a singer you would want to play?

Bobby V: – Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one particular artist.

Reviews & Dunn: Some of the hip hop artists you’ve done collaborations with include Ludacris, Lil Wayne, The Game, and Future. Who is your dream collaboration?

Bobby V: Drake is the top of the throne artist that I would love to collaborate with.

Reviews & Dunn: In 2018, you reunited with producer Tim Kelly for Electrik. How was it working with just him?

Bobby V: Working with Tim Kelley is a breath of fresh air. He is my brother, so we really understand each other to the fullest. I could work with him every day and be happy.

Reviews & Dunn: When you’re not making music, what are some of your hobbies?

Bobby V: I play a lot of sports, so I’m always doing that or working out. I also enjoy spending time with my daughter and the rest of my family. As well as just relaxing at my beach house.

Reviews & Dunn: If you could tour with any artist that you haven’t traveled with yet, who would you pick?

Bobby V: I want to tour with whoever has a large audience because once they see my show, they’ll never miss another one.

Reviews & Dunn: What’s on your 2020 docket music-wise?

Bobby V: I plan on dropping my Sunday Dinner album as well as projects for my two artists Santos Silva and ZamnaTrippin.

Reviews & Dunn: If we have a football season in the fall, what are you expecting from the Atlanta Falcons?

Bobby V: I expect a 9-6 season. We have a good team, we just have to put it together.

Reviews & Dunn: Anything you would like to add?

Bobby V: Thank you for the support and opportunity! Follow me on Instagram @bobbyvshow and on Twitter @Bobby V 

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