Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Ari Aster & Joaquim Phoenix successfully collaborate for Beau Is Afraid

Eccentric director Ari Aster teams up with Oscar Joaquim Phoenix for his latest mind twist in Beau is Afraid from A24. Beau, portrayed by Phoenix, faces many challenges as an outcast grappling with the shadow of his mother’s influence. His existence is often a puzzle to him, causing him to feel anxious and paranoid when he ventures into his neighborhood, which feels familiar and chaotic.

Despite facing numerous challenges and relying on medication while tending to isolate himself, Beau possesses the fortitude to overcome them. He begins a challenging journey to seek answers and reconcile with his estranged mother. Despite the daunting obstacles that lie ahead, Beau summons all his strength and courage to confront the issues that have kept him in the shadows.

It sounds like Beau is going through a callous time. Overcoming fears and confronting guilt can be incredibly difficult, especially when facing a threatening parent. Understandably, love may feel like a treacherous snare for him, and struggling with complex maternal affection can be overwhelming. It must be scary for Beau to think that his medication is no longer effective, and it’s understandable to feel filled with fear. It’s hard when it feels like the universe is working against us, but hopefully, Beau can find the strength to conquer his inner demons before the end approaches.

Ari Aster is one of those directors you either love or loathe; his latest is no exception. One aspect of this film that deserves praise is Phoenix’s outstanding performance, which flawlessly portrays Beau’s increasing paranoia and vulnerability. The supporting cast also delivers strong performances, enhancing the film’s eerie ambiance. The cinematography is skillfully done, with dark and atmospheric shots contributing to unease.

The plot is intricately woven, slowly unveiling a series of unsettling events that constantly throw the audience off balance. The clever use of misdirection and ambiguity adds an extra layer of suspense, keeping viewers guessing until the shocking climax. Seeing a thriller that dares to venture into unexpected territory rather than relying on clichés is refreshing.

One potential downside of “Beau is Afraid” is its pacing, which may feel slow in some scenes. This may not appeal to those who prefer non-stop action. However, if you enjoy a suspenseful movie that gradually builds tension, then this film is definitely worth watching.

Beau is Afraid is an indie thriller that offers a refreshing and thought-provoking storyline without relying on a big budget. The movie boasts of strong performances, atmospheric cinematography, and a twist that stays with you long after the credits roll. This film is a hidden gem that genre fans will love. Get ready to be both captivated and unnerved by the chilling tale of fear and the human psyche.

Final Grade B+

Beau is Afraid is available for rent on numerous streaming platforms

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