Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

An action heroine emerges in Till Death Do Us Part

Following his well-received 2020 horror flick, The Call Emmy Award Winning filmmaker Timothy Woodward Jr. switches to the action genre in Til Death Do Us Part from Cineverse. Chad Law and Shane Dax Taylor pen the film’s screenplay portrays the grim reality that not every romance story ends happily ever after. 


After running away on her wedding day, a bride-to-be (Natalie Burn) must fight for survival against her former fiancé (Ser’Darius Blain) and his seven deadly groomsmen led by the Best Man (Cam Gigandet). The actors making up the rest of the groomsmen are D.Y. Sao, Neb Chupin, Sam Lee Herring, Orlando Jones, Alan Silva, and Pancho Moler.


The film opens with the vibe of a traditional wedding romantic comedy scene and then gives us a flashback to how our lovebirds met, establishing the motivation for our Bride to run from the altar. Throughout the movie, we learn that the bride and groom work for the secretive entity, The University. For the couple to jump the broom, the groom had to persuade The University to make exceptions to its rules. However, when the bride decides to back out, there are severe consequences to face.


For the film’s concept to succeed, the cast must bring their A-game. Now no one in the movie is trying to deliver Award worthy performances, but they are having fun. In particular, B-Move regular Cam Gigandet gives off man-child one-liners mixed with impressive fight scenes. Ser’Darius Blain’s portrayal of the groom validates that he should be a much bigger star by now. 


Blain brings an everyman approach to the role with a calm screen presence that masks a killer. Orlando Jones and Pancho Moler also bring their unique flair to their roles, providing a worthy challenge for our lead female character in their fight scenes. As our heroine, Natalie Burn owns the part of the bride.  


Naturally, she’s an action star in the making, and her skills reign supreme numerous times. Her strength is showcased in the fight scenes, where she fearlessly takes on her foes. Action enthusiasts will find it interesting that the bride has to adapt her combat techniques according to the groomsmen she is fighting against. 


Considering the budget, Til Death Do Us Part is a delightful action film that exceeds expectations. The direction skillfully blends action, comedy, and heartfelt moments, while the screenplay and story structure deliver twists at just the right moments. With a solid cast, this film offers a thrilling and enjoyable experience filled with action, romance, and humor. 


Final Grade:

Til Death Do Us Part opens in Theaters Nationwide on August 4

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An action heroine emerges in Till Death Do Us Part

An action heroine emerges in Till Death Do Us Part