Bell Biv Devoe, Welcome To My Heart
Derrick Dunn

Derrick Dunn

Second Listen Sunday: Bell Biv Devoe, Welcome To My Heart

R&B trio Bell Biv Devoe just wrapped up a successful tour with their parent group New Edition and I’m sure they are already cooking up some dates for Summer 2023 as BBD. Since their debut breakthrough in 1990, the group has only released four albums of original material, despite their active touring schedule.

Under the radar in 2009, the group quietly released a two-song EP, “Welcome To My Heart.” Hitting digital retailers on Valentine’s Day, the songs find Ricky Bell crooning his heart out in a tale about a man who believes he is the right person for a woman who is afraid to commit. Ricky elegantly sings that he can give her the love and affection she needs. From a production standpoint, the song stays within the nineties singing style we’ve come to know Ricky for.

“You” was the other song on the EP, and it found the trio going in a route of grown man Hip Hop. Ronnie and Mike get a chance to showcase their rap-singing style. The production is suited for the 2009 era sound, and I firmly believe that if Drake, Trey Songz, or any other hot singer had released the songs, they would have been hits.

Bell Biv Devoe would continue teasing fans with songs until they released 2017’s little heard Three Stripes. I know I’m not the only NE4Lifer who remembers “Operator” (a modern-day version of “Mr. Telephone Man), “Hello,” and “With Me.” These songs and “Welcome To My Heart” and “You,” would have made for a solid five-song EP.  

However, given the lukewarm response from the public and radio to their later released material and industry changes, I fully understand why BBD is content with being a nostalgia act. 


Final Grade: B

“Welcome To My Heart” is available on all streaming platforms.

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